Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Age 12+)


Language: English


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a commonly known term that describes how computers or machines solve problems by imitating natural intelligence displayed by human and other animals. It is an extremely broad topic that dates back to the 1940s and has recently gained massive attentions due to the technological advancement in computation power.


In this course, we will be looking at a number of trending computer science topics that falls into the category of AI, including data science and machine learning. Throughout the course, students will learn hands-on knowledge in such fields and be presented with problems that can be solved by computers using the related techniques in the field of AI.


We will be covering both theoretical and practical knowledge in the said topics. Some examples of the topics being covered in class include history of AI, algorithms and neural networks.


This course will be taught using Python - one of the most trending languages in the field of AI. Students are required to have basic knowledge in Python which includes the basics syntaxes, loops, conditionals, and functions. Students who have not learned Python before are required to possess an intermediate level of programming knowledge in at least one programming languages (e.g. Java, Ruby, C#, Swift). Basic knowledge in elementary geometry and algebra is assumed. Knowledge in math topics such as system of linear equation, quadratic equation, matrix and calculus is a huge plus (not required).




  • AC401; 


  • At least 3 months of prior experiences with Python; or
  • At least 6 months of prior experiences with any programming languages other than Python (e.g. Javascript, Swift, C++, etc.)


  • A laptop with Google Chrome (preferred) installed.

  • Need to have admin access/admin password to the laptop they will be using

  • Python 3.6.8 installed


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  • Get an understanding and learn concepts related to AI and machine learning and their applications

  • Hands on activities to further understand the evolution and history of AI

  • Applying modules and concepts to create your own AI projects


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