"I was never really introduced to programming until it was briefly mentioned in one of my IT classes at school. I had always been a fan of computers and finding out that I could write code was so exciting. That is when I began learning code." -Celeste

Celeste's Story

Celeste started learning to code with App Inventor, where she learned how to make her first mobile apps and games. She then quickly progressed into learning Python in the Python introductory coding course, a syntax-based programming language and made graphical representations and patterns based on PyTurtle. Celeste continued to self learn how to code, and was admitted to a selective 3-week summer program called Stanford Engineering Camps for High School students.

她的 First Code

She made a fun game “RoachKill” in which the user needs to stop the cockroaches from eating the bentobox.


  • French International School, Hong Kong
  • Loves teaching coding to others
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