"I started learning to code mainly because my dad wants what's best for my future because he thinks that if I can code and speak Chinese to an extent, that it will help me get into college or jobs. I also wanted to learn to code because it's meant to be the language of the future, and I would like to be able to use it." -Sarah

Sarah's Story

Sarah started coding at 11 years old, when her father prompted her to get a first taste of coding at the AppJamming workshop. Since then, she has done App Development, JavaScript, and Python courses. The last two summers, she also did an internship at a Singapore Fashion startup, Gnossem. She aspires to be in the design industry when she grows up, or, a front end developer, “because that way I could live anywhere I want in the world (so long as I have access to Wifi)”. Talk about a digital nomad lifestyle!

她的 First Code

Her first app was an android app that "meows" when you tap it. “When I created that app, my favorite part was personalizing it/ the front end -- which still is my favorite part.”, she says.


  • Canadian International School, Hong Kong
  • Joined First Code since Grade 6
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